The Legacy The founder of Din Tai Fung was a man called Bingyi Yang. Born in 1927 in China's Shanxi Province, he moved to Taiwan as a young man in search of better prospects. His first job was as a deliveryman at a store called Heng Tai Fung, which sold cooking oil.Impressed with his hard work, the owner quickly put Bingyi in charge of the oil store’s accounts after just two years of service. But due to other business losses, the oil store was forced to shut down, leaving Bingyi unemployed.

Bingyi decided to start up his own oil shop with wholesale oil purchased from Din Mei Oils. To show his appreciation to his first boss at Heng Tai Fung, he named his new store Din Tai Fung.

However, when tinned oil went on sale around 1972, sales at Din Tai Fung plummeted. Taking advice of a friend, Bingyi and his wife turned half of their shop towards making and selling steamed dumplings. The quality and exceptional taste of Din Tai Fung’s steamed dumplings attracted many customers and the business took off thanks to its strong word-of-mouth. Spurred on, Din Tai Fung stopped selling oil and turned into the full-fledged restaurant it is today.

This was the humble and inspiring beginning of an international brand – Din Tai Fung.

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The Legacy Din Tai Fung is served on Eva Air’s First and Business class cabins where passengers can look forward to revelling in a distinguished culinary culture that is popular the world over. It is an international brand name that has built a reputation based on its exquisite xiao long bao’s 18 intricate folds.

BreadTalk Group brings Din Tai Fung to Singapore
In 2003, BreadTalk Group won the franchise rights to operate the Din Tai Fung brand of restaurants. Ensuring exacting standards in quality and service, Din Tai Fung (Singapore) spared no effort in transferring the complete Taiwanese dining experience to its first restaurant at Paragon Shopping Centre.

To allow our chefs and frontline crew understand the finer points of Din Tai Fung’s distinctive culinary and service culture, the team underwent an intensive four-month immersion programme in Taiwan.

Din Tai Fung Singapore – a holistic dining experience
At Din Tai Fung, one may dine amid a modern setting designed with the aim of delivering a truly enjoyable dining experience for all customers. Decked out in earthy tones and illuminated by ambient lights, a cosy space has been created which is suited for idyllic dining. The elegant interior is also the perfect understated backdrop for the ubiquitous show kitchen, which takes centre stage. Comfortable designer furnishings such as cushioned booth seating and plush chairs further augment the overall pleasant environment.

Customers can witness the world-class showmanship of Din Tai Fung’s chefs within the open concept kitchen, where edible masterpieces are created and executed with precision and skill. The open concept kitchen constantly sees a flurry of action and activity. Wearing their Din Tai Fung badges with pride, dian xin chefs work in the open kitchen to create their exquisite creations with a sense of controlled calm and concentration. Presenting each piece as a work of art to discerning diners is testimony to their dedication of maintaining, if not exceeding, the demanding standards of this world-class brand.

Determined to bring a world-class dining experience to locals and foreign visitors alike,
Din Tai Fung impresses with a warm and friendly service that greets one upon entry to the restaurant. Orders are taken promptly to minimise waiting, so diners can expect the same top-of-the-class fare together with the sterling service that the restaurant is noted for.

Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore, Thailand and UK
Currently, the Group operates 24 Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore, with the newest restaurant slated to open in April 2019, located at Jewel Changi Airport. In addition, with the franchise rights for Thailand and the UK won, the Group operates five Din Tai Fung restaurants in Bangkok - Central Embassy, CentralWorld, CentralPlaza Lardprao, CentralPlaza Bangna and Eight Thonglor, and one restaurant in London, Covent Garden.

The Legacy Ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times, Din Tai Fung has its roots dating back to Taiwan 40 years ago. With its famous signature xiao long baos (steamed pork dumplings) and heart-warming steamed chicken soup, this authentic Taiwanese restaurant has been making waves with branches throughout the world, including Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, UAE, USA.

Xiao Long Bao

Din Tai Fung’s cuisine is all about harmony. Utilising the freshest ingredients paired with a relish for simple cooking styles, the recipe selection is never too rich or heavy on the palate, and is a fresh welcome given the increasing preference for healthy cooking. With a wide selection of enticing dishes, diners are destined to tuck into flavourful creations that burst into delight with each and every bite.